Mission Statement

The role of the Manitoba Alpine Ski Division is to develop and organize the sport of alpine skiing in Manitoba. Representing ski clubs throughout the entire Province, Manitoba Alpine coordinates skiing development and racing programs. A variety of programs are offered beginning with Entry Level for 4 – 8 year olds, Rising Stars for 9 – 12 year olds, MB Cup Racing for 12 – 21 year olds (including the Manitoba Ski Team) and Masters Racing for 18 – 98 year olds. Skiing and ski racing offer the rare combination of developing a lifelong sport with continual personal challenges and growth opportunities in an environment that thrives on friendship and family involvement.

Program Benefits

Member Benefits Below is a listing of programs or services offered the benefits they receive as being members of the Manitoba Alpine Ski Division. Funding for these programs are achieved through Membership fees, fundraising, bingo allocation and corporate support.

  • Advisory Committees: Nancy Greene, Juvenile, Junior, MB Teams
  • Input Meetings: NGSL/Juvenile/Junior/others
  • Certification: 1-2 Entry Level CSCF Courses per winter
  • 1 Development Level CSCF Course
  • Performance Level CSCF Course
  • Coaches Education: 1 seminar per year plus visits to each club
  • Members Education: Racer Handbook annually
  • Club Member Insurance: $10,000,000 Liability Insurance
  • Skill Awards Program passports, pins, reports
  • Nancy Greene Ski League Program trophies, badges, posters, brochures
  • RS TID Camps Enhanced development opportunities
  • MB Cup Program medals, trophies, results
  • U Camps Enhanced development opportunities
  • Canada Winter Games National Multi-Sport Event
  • Masters Program Adult Racing
  • Dave Murray Ski Foundation Award Administration for National Bursary
  • Web Site www.skimanitoba.com
  • Membership List Provided to each club
  • Summer Camp Sanctions Insurance for summer ski camps
  • Coaching Committee and Programs Training and certification at all levels
  • Officials Committee and Programs Training at all levels
  • Support to NGSL clubs Youth Development Management
  • MASD Schedule Provided to all members
  • Provincial Ski Team Administrate, promote, coordinate team
  • Membership Draw Prizes: trips, gift certificates, prizes