Former athletes or ski enthusiasts who wish to take their love for the sport of skiing to a new level can enroll in a training program to become an officially certified Ski Instructor or Coach. Manitoba Alpine Ski Division has two separate programs to educate people in the fields of alpine skiing instructing and coaching:

C.S.I.A. Instructor Certification

The Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance (C.S.I.A.) offers four certification levels, in addition to prep training courses and professional development sessions along with hosting of on-snow regional events during each season.

C.S.C.F. Instructor Certification

The Canadian Ski Coaching Federation (C.S.C.F.) offers four coaching certification levels, linked directly with AIM 2 WIN stages of maturation and skill development. At each program level, coaches acquire knowledge and skills necessary to meet growth, maturation and skill needs of the athlete.