The Winnipeg Ski Club was once the heart of the ski community in this city. From it’s home on the banks of the Red River at Osborne and Togo Street, the Club ran a ski school, organized trips to ski areas near and far, put on used equipment swaps, and held a variety of social events. The building also housed a pro shop – Gord’s Ski Centre – to provide equipment, rentals, and repairs. In the early 1960’s WSC grew to be the second largest ski club in Canada with over 1500 members, producing top instructors, coaches, racers, and organizers, many of whom went on to the national and international stages.

Times change however, and the club’s operations were wound down and the building sold. There were funds left over after the demise of the WSC, along with a desire to see the legacy endure. Thus, in 1990, the Winnipeg Ski Club Trust Fund was born, in order to assist with the development of skiing at the grassroots level. The Trust Fund’s mandate is to distribute the interest, generated by the nest egg investment of the Club’s funds from liquidation and, if possible, grow that capital.

Under the guidance of the WSCTF Development Committee, the Winnipeg Ski Club Trust Fund provides financial assistance specifically for skier instruction and coaching though annual bursaries to individuals, clubs, or ski organizations. These bursaries are awarded, on an expense-matching basis, to assist applicants who have taken advanced certification levels (CSIA, or CSCF) in order to teach or coach local skiers. Consideration is also given to other related applications, such as bringing higher-level instructor-examiners in to conduct courses or seminars.

For more details on bursaries and the application process, please click on WSCTF Grant Application heading below to download the application document. If you require further information, you may contact the WSCTF Development Committee via email at

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