For skiers over the age of 12, the MB Cup will introduce them to the competitive side of the sport and help them further their skiing skills. It serves both older entry-level ski racers and Rising Stars graduates, and provides an introduction to higher level ski racing. The MB Cup is a national program, sanctioned by Alpine Canada Alpine, offered to ski racers 12 years of age and older. Athletes are involved in a dry land training program starting in the summer. Primary aims are skill development and training in an elite setting. Most clubs offer Fall, Christmas, and other out-of-province camps for further training. Racers in the MB Cup program are required to obtain a National Competitor Card which allows them the opportunity to compete in other National races in and out-of-province. The race series consists of 9 events at ski hills across the province. The athletes race in Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G and Ski Cross disciplines. Among the life skills each young racer can learn are the benefits of goal setting, positive lifestyle choice, fair play, self confidence, healthy competition, enjoyment, participation in a positive setting and planned skill development help the athletes succeed.