For children Under 10 (between the ages of 4 and 9), the Nancy Greene Ski League program is an excellent beginning to the world of ski racing. The Nancy Greene Ski League (NGSL) is a national program, used by all ski divisions in Canada, aimed at all entry levels ski racers, for the introduction of basic ski and ski racing skills. The goal is to develop skiing skills through the Snow Stars Skill Development model in a fun environment. Racers compete as part of a club team. Teams are of mixed age, gender, and ability. Through games, exercise, and technical free skiing, the children develop skiing skills in a natural and relaxed manner. The racing component of the Nancy Greene Ski League is important, but in fun environment used as a learning tool. Racers compete as a team to win. The emphasis is on skill development, team building, and fun, with three/four races scheduled per season.