Manitoba Alpine Ski Division offers a variety of programs for athletes of all ages. The role of the Manitoba Alpine Ski is to develop and organize the sport of alpine skiing in Manitoba. Representing ski clubs throughout the entire Province, Manitoba Alpine coordinates skiing development and racing programs.

If you are interested in registering as an athlete, you must first join a local ski club. To join a club, use the listings on our Find A Club page to find a ski club near you and contact the club president to inquire about membership.

A variety of racing programs are offered in the province of Manitoba, separated by athlete age:

Nancy Greene

4 – 8 year olds (U6 & U8)

Rising Stars

9 – 12 year olds (U10 & U12)

MB Cup

12 – 21 year olds (U14, U16 & U18)

Manitoba Alpine Ski Team

12 – 21 year olds (Select Athletes)

Masters Series

18 – 98 year olds (U21+)

How To Register

Information Coming Soon.